Promoting on-line swing jazz dance events, globally!

Promoting on-line events worldwide and giving my own free Pure Balboa classes all day You choose any time slot and I see how many people can make it!

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On-line events

With the Coronavirus, physical festivals, classes and socials have been cancelled so I have collated on-line events in one place for you here. Most are hosted through Zoom, Facebook or YouTube.

Book a free class with me. I encourage you to donate to We Are All In This Together .

View in my Google Calendar to see these in more flexible views, "Print->save as" for a PDF list and "Save To" your own calendar!

Invite me to any Facebook event not listed already and I'll ensure it appears below within a few hours - let's make this really good!

NOTE: Dates and times may be shown in UK local time - not sure on that one.

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